You can get your ticket dismissed by taking an online course for defensive driving. It is easy to complete and affordable. Moreover, our course is approved by the state authority, i.e. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

  • Order Driving Record with Text Course
  • Required by Courts with Course Certificate
  • Get it fast with 1 hour Email Delivery
$ 45



If you have received a ticket, you can take our Texas video course for defensive driving, as ordered by the court of law. The online video course is truly engaging and entertaining. Get rid of lengthy texts that take hours to read. Most Fun & Entertaining Course.

  • Order Driving Record with Video Course
  • Texas TDLR Approved Video Course
  • Meet All Court Requirements At Once
$ 50


  • You Need Your Driving Record to Meet Court Requirements

    When you dismiss a ticket using a driving safety course, the court in the city in which you received your ticket will want to know what kind of driver you were before you went blazing through their town. State law now only allows a driver to dismiss a ticket with a driving safety course once a year. By asking for your driving record, the court can be sure that they are following the law, too.
  • How Does the Texas Online Driving Record Thing Works?

    There is a reason our system is so user friendly. You can access our website and easily obtain your Texas based driving record's copy and other important documents. All you need is a computer device and Internet connectivity, no downloads at all. Just a couple of steps get you your documents, filling an online form and signing at the bottom. Plus, if you can imitate your signature using the computer's mouse, the hassle of visiting in person is also eradicated from the process. Thus, it takes you only a few minutes to order a copy of official Texas DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) driving record. It's truly hassle-free. Simply enter the following information in the online form provided at our website.

    Your License Number
    Your Date of Birth
    The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
    Texas DPS Audit Number (You can find it in your driving license, stated alongside your photograph or at the bottom of license)
  • Video Course Benefits Compared to Text Based Courses

    The online video course to learn defensive driving in Texas delivers all the benefits of a traditional course, plus some added ones too. Without having the need to read at all, you can avoid straining your eyes with the dancing characters in the boring text books. That way, you learn in a relaxed manner. Whether you complete the video in one go, or watch it in multiple sessions, there is no limit to the number of times you log-in or log-out from the system. Running late for a party? Just bookmark your session and come back to it just whenever you like.
  • There Are Additional Benefits to Getting Your Record

    There are a couple of benefits of having a current copy of your driving record. The first, of course, is that you need one for the court. Also, just like your credit report, it is good to review your driving record from time to time just to make sure that it is accurate. You may be paying too much for your car insurance because your driving record reflects a citation or accident that you never actually had. Speaking of insurance, when you receive the certificate of completion for your online driving safety course, you will actually receive two copies of the certificate. One of these is for the court and the other is for your insurance man. Many insurance companies offer discounts for successful completion of a TDLR approved driving safety course.
  • Do I Have to Contact the DPS for a Copy of My Driving Record?

    Absolutely not! When you sign up for our driving safety course, you will be given the option to order your driving record directly through us. That way, everything is quick, simple and easy. After all, wasn't getting a ticket hassle enough? We just want to see you get this little "bump in the road" dealt with as quickly and easily as possible. Unlike Texas DPS that takes around 14 days to process a single request, we deliver relatively faster. However, in order to avail express delivery, submit your request via e-mail. Your driver record's copy will then be delivered within a single business day.
  • Driving Safety Course and Driving Record Combo Makes It Easy

    We offer two different pricing structures. The cost of our basic course and a copy of your driving record is only $45. Upgrade to the video version of our course for just $5 more! Again, we want that getting out of your ticket to be the last hassle you have to deal with. With our package deal, you can rest assured that the court will be happy, your insurance guy will be happy and you can be happy, too, knowing that your ticket has been taken care of and that your driving record is clean and accurate.